"You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world...but it requires people to make the dream a reality."

Walt Disney


FLUVIP is technology company which has developed the leading Influencer Marketing platform in Latin America. Fluvip is dedicated to connecting brands with top social media influencers across such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat.

Fluvip, was founded in Colombia 5 years ago and has grown rapidly since then and expanded into Perú, Venezuela, Argentina, México and now has offices throughout the US in Miami and New York. In 2015 Fluvip became a part of Cisneros Interactive, and in addition to consolidating its dominance in Spanish-speaking Latin America, is now opening Brazil and the US Hispanic market.

FlUVIP, the automated platform for influencer marketing.


  • Adriana Cisneros


  • Sebastián Jasminoy


  • Juan David Ramírez


  • Julián Vargas


  • Christine Abramo

    VP of MC New York

  • Raphael Pinho

    Country Manager Brasil

  • Rafael Coca

    Country Manager Brasil

  • Alejandro Noriega

    Country Manager Mexico

  • Alejandro Miguens

    Country Manager Argentina


  • María Velandia

    Back-End Developer

  • David Arévalo

    Back-End Developer

  • Vladimir Guzmán

    Technology Director

  • Milena Siachoque

    Project Manager

  • Iván Cortés Romero

    Back-End Developer

  • Diana Yermanos

    Back-End Developer

  • Cristian Benitez

    Front-End Developer

  • Jose Luis Diaz

    Back-End Developer

  • Jefferson Garzon

    Back-End Developer

  • David Niño

    Back-End Developer

  • Katherina Amado

    Data Analyst

  • Nathaly Villamor

    Back-End Developer

  • Omar Montoya

    Back-End Developer

  • Diana Camacho

    Back-End Developer

  • Pedro Piza

    Back-End Developer

Strategy & Content

  • Oscar Bejarano

    Strategic & Content General Director

  • Nelson Saldana


Marketing & Sales

  • Maríafe Carcelén

    General Director Peru

  • Ana Lobo

    Commercial Director Brasil

  • Diana Bello

    Influencer Advisor Colombia

  • Paulina Fagoaga

    Influencer Advisor Mexico

  • Nathalie Colluna

    Commercial Manager Brasil

  • Sebastián Posada

    Influencer Advisor Colombia

  • David Zorro

    Digital Activations

  • Yuly Ramírez

    Influencer Advisor Colombia

  • Verónica Sánchez

    Influencer Advisor Venezuela

  • Juliana Correa

    Commercial Brasil


  • Daniela Ferreira

    Operations Director Brasil

  • Nicolás Rojas

    Operations Director

  • Daniela Furlani

    Operations Manager Brasil

  • Frank Alva

    Strategic & Content Director Peru

  • Eliecer Padilla

    Content Manager

  • Melissa Ardila

    Ads Operations Analyst

  • Lina Currea

    Ads Operations Analyst

  • Michael Sánchez

    Ads Operations Analyst

  • Dalila Maldonado

    Content Manager

  • Samuel Villanueva

    Influencer Analyst Mexico

  • Eugenio Terán

    Head Digital Officer & PR Mexico

  • Aládia Tramontiba

    Operations Brasil

  • Felipe Filippelli

    Operations Brasil

  • Livia Lourenço

    Public Relations Brasil

  • Manoela Frug

    Public Relations Brasil

  • Eugenia Puggioni

    Content Director & Operations Manager Argentina

  • Camila Fernández Duarte

    ADS Operations Analyst Argentina

  • Johana Moreno

    Account Manager US

Administrative and Finance

  • Emanuel Castelblanco

    Senior Financial Planner

  • Nidia Cristancho

    Accounting and Finance Supervisor

  • Anderson Soares

    Administrative Brasil

  • Katherine Beltran

    Accounting Assistant

  • Iván Acevedo

    Administrative Assistant

  • Sara Llontop

    Accountant Peru

  • Silmara Lira

    Finance Brasil


  • Pedro Inchauspe

    Angel Investor and Advisor

  • Victor Kong


  • Esteban Velasco


  • Carlos Castañeda



We believe that success is not so hard to obtain if you have strong partners. That's why we’ve partnered with international media and technology companies that enhance the quality of our product, benefiting both brands and influencers!

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